What Does a Midwife Do?

A midwife is a healthcare provider who has completed a high degree of education and training that emphasizes women’s health. The function of a midwife is primarily to provide services related to obstetrics and gynecology in Arlington Heights. Yet, midwifery is a medical specialty that encompasses all stages of a woman’s life. Midwives follow a model of care that is family focused and supportive of a woman’s right to make informed decisions.

Preconception Planning

Midwife Care Women who are considering pregnancy or are actively planning for pregnancy can visit a midwife for a preconception examination. Preconception planning can help women enjoy a healthy pregnancy. It includes evaluating women for health conditions that may affect pregnancy wellness and reviewing any needed lifestyle modifications to support the health of mother and baby. Midwives can help women learn about the potential risks of taking certain medications during pregnancy and they can counsel women regarding genetic risk factors.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care visits scheduled regularly throughout a woman’s pregnancy can help her and her baby stay healthy. During prenatal care visits, the midwife performs comprehensive physical exams, health screenings and tests, and reviews of family and personal medical histories. The midwife can offer nutritional counseling and exercise recommendations. During prenatal care visits, women will learn about their childbirth options, including breathing exercises, pain management, and more.

Labor and Delivery Assistance

When it’s time for a woman to meet her little one, the midwife provides labor and delivery assistance. Our midwife-assisted births take place in the hospital setting. Women who choose midwifery for labor and delivery assistance will have access to non-pharmacological and pharmacological pain management options, including epidurals. Choosing midwifery may reduce the possibility of a C-section birth.

Newborn Care

Midwives offer mothers assistance with newborn care issues. They can help women learn how to safely swaddle, hold, bathe, feed, dress, and put their newborns to sleep. Midwives can also offer lactation counseling when mothers desire assistance with breastfeeding.

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