Reasons to Use a Midwife

Midwifery is enjoying an upsurge in popularity in recent years as more women realize the many benefits of choosing a provider who will encourage their proactive participation in the pregnancy, labor, and delivery processes. If you’re interested in a different option for labor and delivery in the Arlington Heights area aside from an obstetrician, consider meeting with a midwife to discuss your choices. Many women who have chosen midwifery express their deep appreciation for this woman-centered method of care.

If You’re Interested in Woman-Centered Care

Midwife Care You may choose a midwife if you prefer an approach that views labor and delivery as natural occurrences that the female body is fully capable of handling. Midwives emphasize the value of helping women to learn about their choices , to give guidance as needed, and then to step back and let the woman make decisions for herself and her baby. Many people find midwifery to be empowering and this approach is particularly well-suited to expectant mothers who are interested in natural birthing methods.

If You Prefer to Reduce Medical Interventions

The majority of midwife-assisted births occur within hospitals or birthing centers, although some women do choose to give birth at home. A midwife understands the labor and delivery techniques that can facilitate a minimum of medical intervention. For example, instead of having an epidural, women may choose to get up and walk around during labor or to labor in a hydrotherapy tub. Even if you do prefer natural birthing methods, you may feel comforted to know that should you desire or need medical interventions, they are readily available to you.

If You Want Extensive Postnatal Support

Midwifery care does not end with the clipping of the umbilical cord. You might decide to work with a midwife if the thought of extensive postnatal support appeals to you. A midwife can walk you through breastfeeding positions, childcare basics, and safety issues. Midwives can answer any questions that may arise about traveling with your baby, taking contraceptives while breastfeeding, dealing with postpartum depression, and many other issues that many new moms face.

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