The Benefits of Essure

Every healthcare decision requires careful consideration. If you’re positive that you are finished growing your family, consider talking to a gynecology provider about Essure. Many women in the Arlington Heights area and beyond have chosen Essure sterilization for the peace of mind it can grant. It is a permanent method of birth control that does not require surgical intervention. It takes just a few minutes to perform the Essure sterilization procedure. Since no anesthesia or incisions are used, there is virtually no recovery time required. Most women can return to their usual activities that same day.

Essure Sterilization Since Essure is a permanent method of birth control that does not require a pill, injection, or patch, women can feel comforted knowing that there will be no unexpected surprises. Additionally, Essure does not rely on the use of hormones or the disruption of the natural menstrual cycle. This can prevent many of the unpleasant side effects associated with hormonal birth control methods. Essure is an FDA-approved procedure that has been demonstrated to be highly effective in preventing pregnancy. However, it is not reversible; women should make sure that they do not wish to become pregnant before talking to an Ob/Gyn about Essure.

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