• Discussing Essure® with Your Doctor

    If you’re considering your family planning choices and you live in Arlington Heights, one of the options available to you is Essure ®. This is the only FDA-approved, permanent, non-surgical birth control option available to women. Since Essure® is permanent, it’s important to carefully consider whether you truly do not want to have biological children or do not wish to add more children to your family. If so, consider asking your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of Essure® compared to tubal ligation, which is the surgical method of permanent birth control.

    Before making your decision, ask your doctor about the potential risks of the birth control and whether you should call the clinic if certain side effects develop. You could also ask what you can expect from the procedure itself, including how you should prepare and what you should expect from the recovery. After receiving Essure®, you will not be protected against unintended pregnancy right away. Ask your doctor about using alternative methods of birth control until your Essure® confirmation test.

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  • What Is an IUD?

    One birth control option your OBGYN in Arlington Heights may discuss with you is the IUD. IUD stands for intrauterine device and is nearly as effective as tying your tubes in preventing pregnancy. This video explains more.

    An IUD is a small, flexible device that is shaped like a “T” that is placed in the uterus in a simple, in-office procedure. Once the IUD is in place, no other actions are required, expect for periodically checking the placement as directed by your OBGYN, so there is no risk of forgetting a pill as there is with oral contraceptives. IUDs can remain in place for up to 10 years but can be removed when a woman wishes to become pregnant.